The goal of the LIFEBELT device is to make the driver and occupants use their seat-belts whenever the automobile is in motion. With LIFEBELT installed the engine will not start unless the drivers seatbelt is buckled. If the driver, the passengers, or the children unbuckle while the engine is running the radio is shut off and an alarm plays until the belt is rebuckled. Seat belts were credited with saving 179,756 lives from 1975 to 2004.

A recent article from USA Today stated on an average day in the USA, 10 teenagers are killed in teen-driven vehicles. Some days are far worse. Crashes that occurred on one of the deadliest days of 2003 Nov. 1 killed 26 teens.

LIFEBELT is a Seat Belt Management System. LIFEBELT is a patented electronic personal safety and education system that is designed to save lives. Buy something that can save your life or the lives of those you love. LIFEBELT can do both.


"I was enjoying a Mike Tyson fight when I decided to make a run to the local store. My lady friend at the time decided to go along. I really wasn't thinking of wearing a seat belt because it was just a short ride to the store. It was raining pretty bad at the time and when we approached our first stop sign my friend told me to buckle my seat belt. I refused, saying "I'm just going up the street". She then stated that if I wouldn't buckle up, she wanted to get out right there. Not wanting her to get out alone in the rain, I buckled my seat belt. About one half mile from where we started, the car ran over what seemed to be a small puddle. The car started to hydroplane, and then slid onto some grass and down a small hill off the side of the road, flipping end over end six times. Accept for some minor cuts and a strained neck we were both ok...

The seat belts had saved our lives and the wonderful lady friend that was in the car with me is now my wife.. NEEDLESS TO SAY, I NOW BUCKLE UP BEFORE I EVER START A CAR!!!!"

- Matt Johnson , Austin, TX.


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